Nykyta Izmailov assessed the current Ukrainian market

Nykyta Izmailov assessed the Ukrainian market for fermented drinks. Among them are kombucha, Tibix, and organic lemonades. Approximately 300,000 bottles are sold every month. Certainly, the market continues to expand. In a month, "Eat Easy" sells about 800 thousand pelashki. According to statistics, the market has grown by about 30 percent. The retailer sells about half a dozen thousand pelashki per day. Reshta realizes HoReCa. Products for cooking food can be found in three hundred and fifty outlets Fozzy Group. For example, they are sold by Silpo, Fora, Auchan, Mega Market, and Good Wine. You can buy them by visiting "Multiplex" movie theaters and "SOCAR" gas stations. The company was able to go out of business after nine months from the start of the sale.

For some time category managers did not know which surface of the streets could be used to place products produced by "Eat Easy. At first they had to be placed in the department where beer and food products are sold. But after some thought, I found myself in the kitchen with kvass. It turns out that the products are located in places where sauerkraut is sold. In order to get to a large measure, it takes three months and a quarter. At first, "Sillpo" stood on the first place.

Notified consumption and health.

The main trends in Ukraine are health with informed consumption. Marina Bulatska, head of the "Traditions Shop" says that the money is saved on kombucha. Each product produced by Eat Easy meets the standards of taste, culinary composition, ingredients and safety. When the period of 2017-2018 began, great attention was paid to a healthy way of living. Artem Chorny, co-owner of MOST, confirms. The market was filled with healthy snacks, pellets, quality snacks, zephyr, marmalade.

If the company produces new organic products, then, compared to others, it is important to get into the retail trade. If you can sell no more than nine pieces per month, it does not matter that each of them has its own specialization. Gubarenko said that in the mass media is unacceptable. When all the components are natural, it is not easy to work with them. They are not prevented in the production process. The company "Eat Easy" has created a management center, where they have come here Maistri, who previously worked at the brewery.

The investment decisions taken did not lead to the desired result. However, a change of direction was also made in the drink business. The company has created a new distribution. Eat Easy was engaged in the correction of new shipments to the Baltic countries. Nearly two hundred packages were sent. Then it was decided to send products to Czechia, Poland and Slovakia. A plot of 4 hectares was acquired. It is located near the Polish border. There are plans to build a new plant. The construction will cost more than 5 million dollars. So far, there is no certainty in obtaining the necessary exports.